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    1. How to use digital printing machine correctly?
    Digital printing machines are an industry of large-format printers. For example, plotters are similar in the CAD field, and their ink characteristics are water-based dispersion inks. It is printed on transfer paper, and then transferred to cloth (man-made chemical fiber cloth) at high temperature. Mainly used in the printing and dyeing of clothing fabrics. The use of digital printing machines is really impossible without a bit of technology.

    1. Input the pattern to the computer. Copy the picture you took with the digital camera to the computer, and use Photoshop or CAD to process the size of the picture.

    2. The material spraying layer is sprayed by a sprayer. The function of the coating can preserve color, protect color, brighten color, do not fade, wear-resistant and waterproof. Such as metal coating ABS coating, glass coating, universal coating, etc.


    2. Are you a Manufacturer?

    Yes, we are a manufacturer of designing and developing garment printing machines over 20 years.

    3. What about the payment term?

    30% deposit paid by T/T in advance,pay off the balance before shipment.

    4. What is the delivery date?

    40 days after receipt of the deposit (Chinese Holiday doesn’t include inside).

    5. What is the warranty?

    One year warranty.

    6.What is your aftersale service?

    Any questions will be responded within 2 hours by email, phone or whatsapp, solutions will be provided within 24 hours.